Thursday, November 11, 2010

32 Things: Simplicity 2892, View C

32 Things
31 Items Made
11 Days To Go

Wow, I had no idea how close I was to finishing this project! I only have one more item to sew and I will meet my deadline! And I already have it cut! Hollah!
To be honest, part of me feels really, really gluttonous looking at this. This is a lot of stuff. Wowsa! Some of the pieces have been worn to death. Other pieces not so much. But boy do I love it all!! The biggest surprise piece for me has been the light blue cowl neck top. It goes with everything and I wear it All. The. Time. It’s a free pattern available here, so go get it if you want to make one of your own. The only thing I would change is the depth of the fabric you fold over on the front cowl. I think it’s too shallow and can peek out, so I’d add an inch to that but it’s pretty great otherwise. It’d make a sweet & sexy little dress too.

So this is piece #31 and I love this little top! I think it’s really sweet and vintage-y without looking costumey. It’s very comfy and super easy to sew, so I’d give it a thumbs up.


I’ve already sewn View D from this pattern, and this one was way quicker. I got ‘er done in two and a half hours (cut time NOT included)! I ditched the facing of course, using the technique I talked about here. It’s a little different because I didn’t want the binding to show, so I had to topstitch the neckline which some folks would poo-poo at. I don’t really mind it because it’s so hard to see, even in real life, but I wanted to point it out so you could poo-poo it if you want to.

Go ahead, poo-poo all day long! :)

I had these vintage buttons hanging out in my Winston Churchill button tin. I totally lucked out finding three!


I seriously have to introduce you to good ol’ Winston one of these days! Any time I take him out to sift around for buttons, I talk to him like he’s a human sitting there & not an old cookie tin holding 10,000 buttons. I’ll look into his sweet chubby face & ask, “Winston, do you have three of these? I bet you do, you ol’ lush. Come on, give me some sugar!” Sometimes he finds me to be a charming American and he gives up the goods. Other times he tells me to go sod off, whatever that means because in America sod is what we put in the ground to make a lawn.

But I digress!

I think I’ll make this again with just some simple white muslin & embroider the band with some Mexican embroidery. I’ve been just itching to make myself this Mexican dress, so maybe making me this top will give me an idea of how much time will need to be invested in a whole dress.

Onto another topic... I’m also thinking of doing a sew-along for the Sewing 101 series, which I have actually not forgotten about! I think I’ll use a free pattern from Burda and step you through EVERYTHING -- from printing to pinning to putting on. I was thinking of using one of these patterns:

We wouldn’t do it until the beginning of next year, so there would be plenty of time to plan. Anyone have a preference to what we sew?

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